Footdominas [newest] Lady Rebecca [newest] ‘Feed The Flame’ [newest] CRUEL Foot Domination (With Facetrampling Finish) PART1

Gorgeous Lady Rebecca is just pure fire! She loves to tease men with her curvy body and crazy personality and, when comes to slaves, she has no mercy on them, they are just her toys! Rebecca can play all day with her houseslave!
Rebecca calls her slave and commands him to worship her perfect feet. She pushes him on the ground and she sits over him, making him her total footbitch! She makes him lick and suck her sexy feet and she footslaps him and spits on his mouth. She massages her feet all over his face and she fill his mouth with her toes. She stands up and tramples his face full weight some times, enjoying every single moment that she crushes it under her feet!