Daughter Swap – Lexi Lore & Hazel Grace

Lexi Lore & Hazel Grace – Pussy Examination Swap

Released: July 7, 2024

Hazel and Lexi are nervous about their first-ever pelvic exams, so they rely on one another to keep each other calm. To make things even more wild, it’ll be their stepdads who are carrying out the exams. Will assures Bobby that it’ll be fine, and they’ll examine each other’s stepdaughters so it isn’t as weird as examining their own. Things still feel intense in the room, and Hazel and Lexi feel a bit turned on by each other’s stepdad. Will notices the girls getting excited and starts to rub Hazel’s clit, seeing if he can bring her to orgasm.

Bobby follows Will’s lead, feeling Lexi get wet and excited, too. Things start to get steamy, and soon the girls are sucking each other’s stepdad’s dicks. Will stretches out Hazel’s pussy, and Bobby does the same with Lexi. It’s extremely taboo and wrong, but nobody wants to stop as it feels incredible. The sex becomes even better when Will and Bobby complete the Daughter Swap by switching places. Now, Bobby and Will have the chance to be inside of their own stepdaughters. The girls can’t believe they’re getting the dick down from their own daddies, and both of them hope it can last forever. Will and Bobby fill up every inch of their stepdaughters’ pussies before cumming hard and giving the girls hot creamy loads.


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,,Posted July 7, 2024

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