Sheena In Wonderland (1987/DVDRip)


Starring: Sheena Horne

It’s just an old animated adult movie being “hosted” by a live action porn model Sheena Horne. You’re basically watching a cartoon, and every now and then, Sheena will interrupt the movie just so she can make a joke. Occasionally the cartoon is interrupted to show Sheena having sex with a couple of men.
The basis of the cartoon is all about this witch named Nymphomania. She needs to have 69 orgasms in order to regain her youthful beauty. She finds a dwarf named Little Dick who has a very big penis. Throughout the whole movie she is chasing Little Dick trying to use him to achieve her orgasms.

1:19:26 | 640×480 | avi | 1039Mb

Sheena In Wonderland (1987DVDRip)

Sheena In Wonderland (1987DVDRip) Preview

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